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Nepalese Pashmina Grey
Nepalese Pashmina Grey
Nepalese Pashmina Grey

Nepalese Pashmina Grey

$145.00 AUD

  • This super fine shawl is perfect for Meditation, made from Nepalese cashmere it is also known as “Pashmina”. It is the softest, most exotic, delicate, weightless and the finest naturally insulating fibre of the world.

    Pashmina is from the Chyangra goat, this goat is native to the Himalayan belt, which is above 10,000 ft. from sea label. These goats have a thin, soft inner coat of hair. This Cashmere fibre helps goats to tolerate the chilling temperatures of that region. These wonderful properties of “Pashmina” have popularized it as the “Diamond Fiber”.

    Pashmina, derived its name from the Persian word, ‘Pashm’, meaning soft gold, is well known for its fineness, warmth, softness, lightweight, elegance and timelessness in fashion.

    Pashmina production and trade has been an important component of Nepalese cultural heritage as well as a thriving industry aiding in country’s economy.
    A true Pashmina is made only of wool without a blend and comes with the trademark Changrya Pashmina stamp to note its authenticity.
    Nepalese Cashmere/Pashmina is harvested from the the goats delicately and skillfully where they are not harmed and more fibers can be collected regularly every spring from the same goat for many years.

    The (Chyangra Pashmina) Trade Mark.

    This shawl carries the Chyangra Pashmina (CP) collective trademark, which is registered in 43 countries including Japan, USA, CANADA, EU, Australia, China, and etc. The CP trademark assures a quality cashmere (Pashmina) product