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My name is Lalita Lowe, and Meditation Box is my creation. I had the incredible fortune to discover Meditation when I was a 14-years-old searching for something in amongst a challenging childhood.

My first experience of Meditation was nothing dramatic however, there was something profound that resonated because I continued to practice. At one point early on I remember a deep sense of “coming home” and feeling more like myself than I ever had before.

I had found a way to connect and take this new sense of self into my daily life. Many things began to shift positively from there on, and I attribute much of it to Meditation. Scroll forward 30 years and Meditation is still a significant part of my daily life.

Meditation is, without a doubt, a very personal practice. We develop our own style and way of Meditating, but we all like to be comfortable in our environment and with what we wear during Meditation.

When I Meditate, I love to wrap myself up in my favourite cashmere shawl. I choose the same comfortable chair and cushions every day. And I love to use eye shades because I go deeper into Meditation when I wear them. I also have a treasured Meditation Mat that I have used for many years, which I place on my chair or take with me when I travel.

I studied Meditation and lived in India for over four years, and my most dear memory is of being nestled comfortably in the cool, dark meditation room, wrapped in a shawl, with soft, velvety cushions laid out on the floor. In the intense heat of summer, this cool meditation room was a luxurious experience and haven, and I remember relaxing into that space and going very deep into my Meditations.

It's true you can Meditate anywhere, and I have done so. I’ve lost count of the number of countries I’ve managed to find a quiet place in amongst the hustle and bustle, to set up my Meditation Mat and sit comfortably and practice. Having a Meditation pack that you can travel with is a delight, and it makes it much easier to keep practising, no matter where you are.

My passion is to help others practice Meditation. As my new business, Meditation Box continues to grow; I’ll be adding more products to help you get the most out of your Meditation. I’ll share my insights and share the experiences and advice of others as well.

Enjoy every practice.

With love,