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You Can Meditate Anywhere - Here's How

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

You Can Meditate Anywhere - Here's How

Life gets busy, especially when you are juggling priorities, both personal and professional as well as trying to keep an element of balance in the midst.

Meditation is a great tool that can help you maintain composure and find a sense of calm and yet many of us struggle to find time to fit it in. 

If Meditating for 30 minutes or an hour in the morning seems like a stretch, why not take the approach of fitting in a few five-minute Meditations throughout the day? 

These mini Meditations can be done anywhere with a few simple steps. It is all about breathing. Finding the time to stop, focus on the breath and repeat.

A recent article from Into The Gloss spoke about "an exclusive five-minute Meditation which readers can do on the train/in a cab/at your desk/in your bed/wherever"

Here is the article.

You never know you may just become addicted and over time manage to squeeze in longer meditations to boot. 

Image of Gisele Bundchen Meditating taken from Self Service Magazine issue 39.

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