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What is Meditation?

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a very personal process and each one of us has our own relationship with it.

Some of us find it easy to go into meditation and for others, it can be a battle of the mind and keep our awareness focused. Or we fluctuate between the two.

Meditation, when you strip away all the expectations and beliefs is really about increasing awareness, become aware of ourselves. It’s time to press pause. To gather our energies and come back to what matters. 

In the simplicity of it all, taking the time to close our eyes and become still has so many far-reaching benefits. Meditation is a process of turning away from distractions. It is increasing the ability to choose where to focus our attention.

When the mind has only one thing to focus on, it is powerful, and when that one thing is placing our awareness inside ourselves, on the breath, or simply witnessing the silence within, it is like turning the tide of an ocean. All the power of that ocean is directed back to our bodies and minds. 

And with that incredible things can happen. 


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