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To Master Our Mind We Need to Master What We Say to Ourselves

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

To Master Our Mind We Need to Master What We Say to Ourselves

If the voice in your head is a voice and a tone that you would never use with the people you care most about, don't use it with yourself.

Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris has a really good point about the importance of what we think and it's influence on how we feel. Thoughts are the things that we become most aware of when we start a Meditation practice. Thoughts create our reality.

To master our life we need to master what we say to ourselves so why not grab hold of Meditation and use it as a tool to focus on empowering thoughts?

In the beginning, when starting out with Meditation it can be a little disconcerting to realise all the thoughts that go on within us on a daily basis. The good news is that once we become aware of the thoughts and the state they create, we can take steps to shift them in a direction we want to go.

Meditation gives us the ability to witness our self talk rather than become absorbed in it. 

Some of the things we first notice when we witness our thoughts in Meditation are:

  • They are repetitive
  • We are not thinking in a way that is supportive of who we are
  • The effect of our thoughts on our physical and emotional state
  • Our thoughts have a definite tone and energy to them

So the question is how do you want to talk to yourself and in what ways can you begin to shift the tone and emotion of those thoughts? What story do you want to tell yourself on a daily basis?

Meditation is a flashlight and the tool for change. 

Meditation helps us become aware of our current inner world. And Meditation is also a tool to shift that inner world so that it becomes one which reflects how we want to feel and talk to ourselves. 

Meditation puts us into the witness state, which helps us realise we are separate from our thoughts and can therefore change and direct them. At the same time, Meditation helps us associate with the part of ourselves which is beyond thoughts. 

Meditation puts us in touch with an expansive space that is filled with power.

Meditation fills us with a feeling that is light and uplifting and it transforms our inner experience. It shifts our perception and has a positive influence on our thoughts. Meditation helps us experience ourselves as empowered individuals with the ability to choose what we want to think and put our attention on.

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