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Meditation Download: The 3 Essential Elements of Meditation

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

Meditation Download: The 3 Essential Elements of Meditation

Welcome to an Introductory Meditation with Lalita Lowe. 

In this short Meditation which you can listen to below, Lalita will cover the three essential elements of a Meditation practice. 

1. Posture.

2. Breath. 

3. Focusing Your Awareness. 


To begin with, during the first five minutes Lalita will prepare you for Meditation by helping you set up your environment as well as establishing the first essential part of Meditation, the Posture. 


Over the next 10 minutes, you will go into Meditation and establish the other two essential elements of a Meditation Practice: The Breath and learning to Focus Your Awareness. 

Coming Out of Meditation.

As the Meditation concludes, Lalita will bring you out gently and then share how you might like to use this Meditation to continue your practice. 

How we prepare and how we come out of Meditation are just as important as the actual practice itself. So allow yourself to be present and take the time you need. 

Make sure you have enough time to find a comfortable quiet place where you will be without interruption for approximately 20 minutes. 

Feel free to download this Meditation and use it as often as you like. 

Enjoy your practice.


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