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Stillness - The Essence of Meditation

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

Stillness - The Essence of Meditation
Meditation is a process of getting to know ourselves better, it brings self-awareness.

Think of Meditation like diving deep into the ocean.

At the top of the ocean, you experience the movement and motion of the waves. As you go a little deeper you come across the life of the sea, all the fish and other creatures.. as you go deeper and deeper, things become much more still, and there is a sense of peace even amongst the movement around you.
The process of Meditation is just like going deeper into the ocean.

As we begin to Meditate, thoughts become more apparent. When we take our attention away from external stimuli and focusing everything inside, the first thing is that we become aware of our current state. We become aware of the things that have been consuming our attention and what our priorities are at that time.

This is the point where many people decide they can't meditate.

Some people have the expectation that their thoughts should stop during Meditation, and when this doesn't happen, they get frustrated and give up.

Another reason they give up is that they haven't actually learnt how to direct their conscious attention to become a witness of the thoughts instead of being absorbed in them. This is where the Meditation technique we use to focus comes in to play and makes all the difference.

Meditation is a great way to process what has been happening in our hearts our life and our mind. It helps us come to a new perspective and perhaps even a place of stillness.

Meditation has a way of transforming the current chatter and replacing it with peace.

Remember that even if it's uncomfortable at first, there will be a time where you will learn how to move beyond the distractions of your thoughts and become a witness of them. This is when you start to experience the sense of calm that everyone talks about.

Meditation will help you develop a new relationship with your thoughts as well as your inner being.

Over time you will find it much easier to dive deep inside and then emerge refreshed and inspired to practice again.

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