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Meditation Is a Practice Just Like Any Other Skill.

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

Meditation Is a Practice Just Like Any Other Skill.

To get to a place of stillness, a place where we let go into the sweetness of the present moment, where our attention has moved away from the outside and become focused inside, we need to apply a technique. 

Just like when we want to become good at a sport, we need to learn the techniques so that they become second nature. It’s the same with meditation. 

Learning to meditate involves a sweet discipline. It’s the practice of being able to take our focus away from whatever is happening in our lives and bring it into the present moment. In itself, this sounds so simple but when it comes down to it, can be a real challenge. 

And so, the simple act of realising that this is a practice creates a sense of assurance. Whatever amount of time you set yourself, whether it be 5 minutes or 50 minutes, this is the time to give yourself completely.

Have the intention to devote yourself to the technique you have adopted and see it as an experiment.  See how it can help you, train yourself to focus, and over time you will become quiet on the inside. It's a time to practice. Its a time to give yourself entirely to the method you have chosen. 

And this method is all for a goal right? Well yes, but not the goals you might expect. The ultimate gift of meditation is when you can let go of expectations and who you think you are that is associated with people, places and things. And the way to get there is through practice. 

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