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How to Create an Attractive Space for Meditation

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

How to Create an Attractive Space for Meditation

Having a designated space at home just for Meditation puts everything in your favour to practice regularly.

There are times when we love Meditation and look forward to it, and there are days where we are not so inspired to practice. Sometimes we can feel like we don't have the time, or that the motivation isn't there. 

One thing I have found is that having a beautiful space for Meditation at home contributes to my love of sitting down each day. It inspires me and helps me stay consistent. Our environment can cue a positive response to Meditating. 

While we can Meditate anywhere, having a place to go to is like having an appointment in your diary. You know it's there and create space in your schedule to show up. 

At home, I have an elegant, generous and comfortable chair in an area of the house where I love to spend time. I make sure the area is always kept clean and make an effort to leave that chair just for Meditation. 

Meditate in a space that you love. 

Take the time to create a space where you love to spend time by yourself. One where you feel uplifted. It may be a room in your house that makes you feel at ease. The walls could be a beautiful colour or the decor and furnishings the kind that make you want to go there regularly. 

You can make this area look inconspicuous in your house if you don't want it to stand out. The main thing is that it is a beautiful, inviting space you want to return to. Alternatively, if you have a room in the house which you can dedicate to Meditation, even better. 

Here are seven tips to inspire you to create your own space for Meditation. 

  1. Find a place in the house that uplifts you.
  2. Decorate it with flowers.
  3. Choose a comfortable, inviting chair or cushion to Meditate on. 
  4. Spray rose water or another gentle fragrance around the area.
  5. Choose a space where you can be free of distractions.
  6. Fil it with the right accessories like a timer, headphones, eyeshades, Meditation mat and shawl. 
  7. Keep the Meditation space tidy and ready for each practice.

Put everything in your favour to practice regularly and create a beautiful, inspiring space for Meditation. Fill it with the right accessories and enjoy.

You may find yourself returning to Meditate more often than you expect. 

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