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Find the Meditation Practice That Works for You.

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

Find the Meditation Practice That Works for You.

There is no one way that leads to perfect meditation. The only way you need is the one that leads you to yourself.

Do you get confused with all the various types of meditation out there? There are so many styles of meditation and just as many techniques. There are non - religious and religious forms of meditation. There are simple, minimalist techniques and more involved ones. The main thing is that you find one which works for you. 

 And also, know that its ok if one particular style of meditation isn’t your thing. Meditation is all about becoming aware of yourself. It's about letting go of attachments as opposed to taking on new ones.

So if you find that a meditation practice feels more complicated than it needs to be, if you see that a particular technique doesn’t feel right and if it makes you feel more distracted than it does calm, then move on to another one.

Overall if you find benefit from a certain type of meditation practice and are starting to see improvements in your daily life because of it, then most likely you are on to a good thing. 

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