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Create a Successful Meditation Routine with These 9 Helpful Tips

Posted by Lalita Lowe on

Create a Successful Meditation Routine with These 9 Helpful Tips

A successful Meditation routine relies on preparation and inspires us to practice each day. It can become a personal oasis we return to again and again.

You may have heard that positive habits and routines keep us on track with the activities that are important to us, And this is the same with Meditation. The one thing that sets us up for success when creating a new routine is preparation. 

And that's what I want to talk about today. 

A successful Meditation practice is supported by enjoyable routines. 

I discovered the power of a Meditation routine when I spent four years living in India, where I studied and practiced Meditation.  I would get up at the same time, 4 am every day to meditate. And while in the beginning, it was tough to get out of bed over time, it became something I looked forward to sitting down for every day.

I began to associate the practice of Meditation with the whole experience from the moment I woke up until I had finished. I associated it with the environment around me, the clothes I wore and the room I sat to meditate.

I loved waking up in the tropical atmosphere, I could smell the fragrant flowers outside and the most beautiful moments were walking to a Meditation room in the still cool atmosphere of the early morning.

My love of this practice inspired me to share it with you.

These years of Meditation practice and all the positive memories of this beautiful practice are what inspired me to create Meditation Box. I have a very definite routine around my meditation practice, and I realised this is what helps me stay consistent. 

As the founder of Meditation Box, my intention is to offer you tools and tips to make your Meditation practice approachable. Practices that make it feel realistic, and that fit in with your lifestyle.

A consistent Meditation practice starts with inspiration.

Many things contribute to a successful, consistent practice. And I am going to share nine beneficial routines that will help you set up an excellent foundation for Meditation.  

These routines are all to do with preparation. They inspire us to practice each day. By taking the time to set up the right environment, you will create a clear pathway to Meditate with regularity.

So here are the nine elements of a great Meditation routine. 

  1. Find the best time of day for you- Choose a time of day that works for you. Are you a morning person or an evening person? When are you most likely to be able to sit uninterrupted for a period of time?
  2. Choose a comfortable chair - Where we sit influences how we feel during our mediation. A chair or cushion that doesn't support our posture will make us uncomfortable and keep our attention outwards as we notice it during Meditation, whereas a comfortable chair or cushion will help our spine stay elongated. Having the right place to sit in a way that supports our posture allows us to completely take our attention off our surroundings and our body and let go in Meditation. 
  3. Nominate clothing and accessories specifically for your Meditation practice - What we wear also has an impact on our meditation. Having loose comfortable clothing also helps us relax and let go. Our body temperature also drops as we practice, so its good to have a couple of simple layers which is why a shawl is so often used for meditation. Also, there's something so nice about preparing for meditation by putting on clothes just for the practice. It's a sensual preparation and gets us into the right frame of mind. 
  4. Set a timer to help your mind relax - When we start out with Meditation, it's always comforting to know we have a specific time frame. The mind can wander if there is no parameter. Starting with even five minutes and setting a timer can be just as powerful and beneficial as 30 minutes. A timer assures us we can give ourselves completely during Meditation. And we know that we can put our duties aside and come back to them afterwards. 
  5. Put pets outside the room - Pets can be a distraction during meditation because they move around in the room and sometimes try to get our attention. My dog does this, so I make sure he's not in the place when I Meditate. Try to do this also to ensure you will be undisturbed. 
  6. Let other people know you will be Meditating - If other people in your house are up and moving about while you are Meditating let them know you will be practicing and for how long so that they can be mindful of letting you practice in peace. 
  7. Decide the type of Meditation in advance - For those of us that use various types of Meditation techniques its good to decide the day before so that we can prepare mentally. Especially if it's a guided meditation which prompts us to set intentions or change limiting beliefs for new ones
  8. Schedule it in - Having a regular time in our calendar solidifies the intention to practice. It also means we are more likely to keep the commitment to ourselves. Start slowly and simply with 5 to 10 minutes a day and build up over time. 
  9. Set up your Meditation space set up ahead of time - Having an inviting Meditation space makes us more likely to practice. Preparing your environment includes a comfortable sitting space. It also includes setting up your accessories like headphones if you do a guided Meditation or play music. All this as well as having your eyeshades nearby, your shawl and Meditation clothes ready. So that when you wake up or go to this space at the end of the day you are ready to go. 

In a snapshot, here are the nine elements of a great Meditation routine:

  1. Find the best time of day for you. 
  2. Choose a comfortable chair or a place to sit.
  3. Nominate specific clothing and accessories for your Meditation practice.
  4. Set a timer to help your mind relax.
  5. Put pets outside the room.
  6. Let other people know you will be Meditating.
  7. Decide the type of Meditation in advance.
  8. Schedule it in.
  9. Set up your Meditation space set up ahead of time.

Now it's up to you

I encourage you to take some time over the next week to create your Meditation routine. Think about these nine elements and incorporate them into your practice.

Prepare your space, your Meditation accessories and your schedule, and this will make it much easier to practice regularly.

Meditation is a time to focus our energies by going within. And having the right environment and routine for Meditation inspires us to practice each day. It becomes like a personal oasis we return to again and again.

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